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        Exercise during the working day, office employees urged

        Exercise during the working day, office employees urged

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          There are a number of ways office workers can exercise at their desks – helping to burn a few calories and keep them mentally alert during the course of the working day.

          Speaking to the Star Press, Ball State physical education professor Selen Razon noted that long periods of inactivity can be bad for employees’ health.

          Failing to exercise increases the risks of cardiovascular disease and cancer, she claimed.

          “I suggest that people do a few simple exercises to get their bodies moving and then stretching and toning at your desk,” Professor Razon stated.

          “Moving a little goes a long way.”

          She claimed that workers should start exercising before arriving at their desk by parking their car as far away from the building as possible and then walking.

          Another handy tip is to take the stairs – rather than the lift – whenever possible, she told the news provider.

          “Do exercises at your desk, including flexing arms, legs and abs on 30-second intervals,” Professor Razon urged.

          She said that employees may even be able to get rid of their chair, and sit on a medicine/fitness ball instead while working.

          This helps tone and strengthen the abdominal muscles, Professor Rozen explained.

          “Stand up and/or take short walks every 20 minutes,” she advised.

          “Studies show even simple frequent standing breaks significantly decrease your chances of getting diabetes.”

          And where possible, she said employees should exchange their typical desk for one which allows them to stand up during the course of the working day.

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