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        Expand your business using a virtual office

        Expand your business using a virtual office

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          Virtual offices may be ideal for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) wanting to increase the size of their organisation on a budget, it has been claimed.

          Writing for Dynamic Business, Marcus Moufarrige said virtual offices are not just about appearing bigger than they are – they are about being so.

          He noted that people and data are more mobile than ever before, and to make the most of the available opportunities, businesses need to be enormously flexible.

          “The better they are at operating anywhere, anytime, the better they’ll be at exploiting new markets, securing new customers, and serving the ones they already have well,” Mr Moufarrige stated.

          For these reasons, he said small businesses should be considering virtual office tools not only for appearance, but expansion.

          “With virtualisation taking hold in everything from cloud computing to communications, virtual services are having a sweeping effect on the way we do business,” Mr Moufarrige added.

          “In essence, virtualisation is about efficiency: extracting the most from a resource by sharing it between different users to reduce their individual costs. It’s also about flexibility: improving mobility so that business can take place anytime, anywhere.”

          He claimed that the benefits are clear, whether it is a computer system or business infrastructure that is being used.

          “Virtualisation will keep your costs low – something that’s vital if you want to give yourself every chance to succeed,” Mr Moufarrige commented.

          “It will allow you to pay-as-you-go, buying resources only as you need them.”

          A virtual office will also enable businesses to expand, increasing sales and improving customer service, he added.

          Mr Moufarrige suggested that the quality of the business address is “critical” when it comes to projecting the right appearance.

          “Especially in Asian countries where there’s a lot of emphasis on ‘face’, a reputable address will give locals the confidence they need to deal with you,” he added.

          The expert explained that virtual offices can offer a range of services, including telephony, office facilities, technology, human support and a location portfolio.

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