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        Finnish firm contemplating redesigning the office workday

        Finnish firm contemplating redesigning the office workday

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          A Finnish company has come to the conclusion that the typical office workday needs to be redesigned in order to make it more productive.

          The Idealist Group has undertaken a 12 month study in order to look at the working practices of a number of the country’s big firms as flexible and mobile working changes the way people work, reports Smart Planet.

          Its Redesigning 925 is aimed at analysing office workers’ habits and thinking about implementing different ways to improve strategies.

          So far the results have looked into areas such as the number of meetings conducted, employees’ attitudes to them and the equipment staff use to work.

          75 per cent of respondents to the survey said they were attending too many meetings and 74 per cent said they were not mentally present in all of them.

          As more companies put an emphasis on the productivity of their staff it is worth looking at how effective it is to send employees to meeting after meeting where they can end up with information overload.

          Saku Tuominen, creative director of the Idealist Group, told the news provider: “One of the core ideas in this approach is that it is not about downshifting or working less. It’s actually about working more effectively and in a way so we don’t get exhausted because we’re doing a lot of meaningless work.”

          Fewer meetings, which are more targeted, are more likely to solve issues than a plethora of them in which staff have switched off.

          When Redesigning 925 has been fully completed the company intend to hold seminars in Helsinki in order to feedback its results.

          It also aims to publish a number of books based on its findings with recommendations on how redesigning work practices can benefit businesses.

          A set of 52 ideas are to be produced for firms to take on board and use to change the way their nine to five days are organised.

          The UK government is encouraging businesses to redesign their working days ahead of the Olympic Games this summer as travel on public transport may be an issue for many employees.

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