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        Five ways to treat your workers

        Five ways to treat your workers

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          A happy worker tends to be a more productive worker. With that in mind, how can you ensure your staff come to the office each day with a smile on their face?

          A treat courtesy of the boss every now and again is likely to do wonders for morale and doesn’t have to blow the budget. We take a look at five ways you can treat your workers…

          Help them get their five a day

          You may not have the cash to provide your staff with three meals a day like Google and Facebook, but you can help them get their five a day by providing free fruit in the office. There are a number of companies which will deliver a box of fresh fruit to your office each week for as little as £10 depending on how many employees you have. Your workers will thank you when their stomachs start rumbling at 3pm, and you never know, helping them eat more fruit may even see your sickness rates drop.

          BE -happy workers

          Or maybe something a bit naughtier…

          If you want to treat your staff to something a bit more indulgent, then swap the fruit for sweet treats or bacon sandwiches on a Friday. If you’re a keen baker, you could even create something with your own fair hands and encourage other staff to bring in their own homemade creations.

          Choose an employee of the month

          Who doesn’t like getting recognition for their hard work? Make sure your workers feel valued by picking one of them to be the Employee of the Month and rewarding the winner with special privileges such as extra-long lunch breaks or early finishes on a Friday. You may even see an increase in productivity as everyone clamours to win the accolade the next month.

          Encourage healthy bodies as well as minds

          Small businesses can’t usually afford on-site gyms or swimming pools, but there are still ways you can help your workers get fighting fit. Teaming up with a local gym to provide subsidised memberships can save your workers significant sums, or why not invite a personal trainer to come and put workers through their paces in the office once a fortnight?

          Stress relief

          Stressed workers are never going to be the most productive, so you can do both yourself and your team a favour by treating them to some stress relief every now and again. A growing number of companies are getting masseuses in from a local beauticians once a month to help take some of the tension out of staff’s shoulders.

          Devote time to play

          All work and no play isn’t good for employees so why not factor in some time for fun each week. You may not have a pool table but table-top versions of snooker and air hockey can provide some light entertainment. Some great brainstorming goes on when staff are unwinding and enjoying themselves.

          Posted by Julie Tucker

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