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        Flexible working shouldn’t compromise normal office space working practices

        Flexible working shouldn’t compromise normal office space working practices

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          The introduction of flexible working should not compromise tried and tested office space working practices.

          According to Vodafone Global Enterprise’s Andy McFarlane, there are a huge number of benefits associated with the introduction of hot desking and mobile working.

          However, he warned that business owners should be aware of the threat that mobile working can cause to – amongst other things – office space productivity and security.

          Writing for, Mr McFarlane said companies are coming under increasing pressure from employees to introduce flexible working practices into the office space, but claimed that mobile working rights should never be the result of a knee-jerk reaction to staff demands – they need to be clearly thought out.

          He claimed that while the benefits – in terms of efficiency gains and flexibility – were obvious, the potential pitfalls were equally apparent.

          “Mobilising the workforce and enabling employees to access the corporate network, wherever they are located, is critical in delivering the essential flexibility to respond to these new demands,” Mr McFarlane said.

          He added: “This brings with it new security challenges. It is no surprise, therefore, that security concerns remain one of the biggest hurdles to a more diversified and flexible workforce.”

          Lancaster University Management School Colin Green recently told HR magazine that flexible working was already the norm at many companies.

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