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        Full engagement ‘key for office workers’

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          Keeping office workers engaged and motivated is not rocket science, one business leader has claimed.

          Michelle Bailey, managing director of 3Ease Limited, said company bosses can do a number of things to maximise the productivity of their workers.

          “It’s about having good systems in place, good management and good leadership,” she stated.

          “Things like having a very clear job role so that people know what they’re expected to do, where they fit in so that they know ‘my job matters and it’s important’.”

          Ms Bailey said office employees tend to work harder if they have a sense of value about what they’re doing.

          “It’s also important to have a sense of pride,” she noted.

          “It’s nice to go out and feel that  you are proud of what you are contributing in terms of your role but also that your company has a reputation and a culture that you are happy to talk about outside.”

          Ms Bailey said business leaders need to consider whether they are putting sound systems in place to ensure employees are engaged.

          They are the ones responsible for creating the vision for the workplace, she noted – and then generating enthusiasm among workers on the floor.

          “That is the key to driving the higher levels of engagement and the higher levels of motivation,” she added.

          “It is about being proud of the work that you do, how it contributes, that it matters and that it is important.”

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