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        Get more from your co-working space

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          Co-working spaces offer some great opportunities, but their fruits don’t just fall into your lap. Here are our top tips for getting the most out of your co-working space.

          Co-working spaces can be the perfect places to help your business grow and flourish. They’re modern, cutting-edge office environments that can provide all the conveniences you need to get to the next level.

          But to really get the most out of your co-working space, it’s important you know how to reap the unique benefits of these office communities. Here are our top tips to get more from your co-working space.

          Headspace Manchester Coworking

          Be sociable
          It might sound obvious, but the easiest way to get more from your co-working space is to be sociable. That doesn’t mean talking to other workers every second of the day, but striking up friendly conversations in the kitchen or over Friday afternoon drinks can be an excellent way to start new friendships and business relationships.

          Don’t focus solely on business and don’t forget the cardinal rule of the co-working space – if someone has their headphones in, chances are they don’t want to be disturbed!

          Move around
          One of the great things about co-working spaces is that you can often move around the office at your leisure. Not only does this help you socialise with others, but it can help you work more efficiently.

          Some areas might be noisier or livelier, which could be helpful if you’re brainstorming with colleagues or looking for a creative spark. If you’re needing some headspace to get a lot of work done before a deadline, then why not take yourself off to a quiet corner and focus?

          Promote yourself
          Co-working spaces are the incubators for some of the brightest minds in your city – and you’re one of them! But there’s not much point in being the best if no-one else knows about you.

          That’s why self-promotion is so important in co-working spaces. All the talent and creativity around you is too good an opportunity to miss, so it’s imperative that you make sure everyone in your co-working space knows all about your expertise.

          Work together
          Collaborating with other companies in your co-working space is an excellent way to broaden your horizons and build up some great business connections.

          We all have our own unique strengths, and collaborating means we get to share these with other people in our office, and vice versa. The chances are that other people are just as interested in working together as you are – so make the most of it.

          Dive right in
          Co-working spaces often host networking events and seminars, giving platforms to some great innovators and entrepreneurs. These are excellent ways to not only build up your knowledge base but also meet new people, both in your workplace and from outside.

          But don’t go to these events solely for the sake of it. Choose the ones that work for you, that way you’ll get more out of it and won’t see attending as a chore.

          If you’re interested in exploring your options for co-working spaces, check out our exciting range of membership options for our spaces throughout the UK.


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