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        Get tech savvy for your next interview

        Get tech savvy for your next interview

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          The tech market keeps growing – and so does the competition for jobs. Stay one step ahead with these top tips.

          Got a big interview coming up? Hoping to land that new tech role you’ve been looking for? Follow these quick tips and keep ahead of the curve…

          Make your CV pop
          Hiring managers are busy people, so you need to make your CV stand out from the crowd as quickly as possible. In the first section, state clearly what it is about you that makes you the right fit for the role. This should be some headline achievements from previous positions, and what qualities you would bring the role. So, if you’ve personally implemented a successful new software, mention it!

          Happy young man, web designer standing with laptop

          Do your homework
          No-one wants to interview a candidate that is clearly blagging their way through. Not only does it look unprofessional, it also means you’re unlikely to get offered the job. Prepare for your interview beforehand by doing your research on both the company and the hiring manager. If the company’s heading in a certain technological direction, whether it’s AI or voice recognition, make sure you talk about it. This will show you’re interested in both the company and the role.

          Be specific with your experience
          In the tech industry it’s common to work in larger teams to get your project over the line. Team working is great, but a hiring manager will find it difficult to know your precise role within the team if you don’t make it obvious. Before an interview, run through your previous roles and pick out one or two successes that you were personally responsible for — this will stand you in great stead for when you get quizzed on your experience.

          Highlight your people skills
          Even in the tech industry, your soft skills can be just as important as your hard knowledge on programs and software when it comes to bagging the job. While soft skills might not seem obviously helpful for more technical positions like developers, the candidate who has both soft and hard skills is much more likely to get offered the role. So, make sure you showcase these skills whenever you get the chance.

          Ask the right questions
          At the end of the interview, you’ll be given the chance to ask the hiring managers questions — and it’s important you ask the right ones. While some candidates will get distracted by the salary or the prestige of the company, it’s essential that you ask the questions pertinent for you. If, for example, you’ve left a job because you want to learn new tech skills then make sure the new role can offer this while you have the chance.


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