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        Getting the lighting right in your London office space

        Getting the lighting right in your London office space

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          Spending eight hours a day indoors is inevitable for many. During the winter, when you arrive at sun up and don’t clock out until after dark it can seem like you’ve become nocturnal.

          The impact of low-level winter light is so profound that there are even disorders related to it – we’re thinking of seasonal affective disorder, or SAD.

          And while business owners can’t change the time – without throwing out their entire meeting schedules at least – they can make sure their office space is well lit.

          Eva Hammerson, lead designer at the lighting specialist Kandabi, believes that getting the right lighting in an office environment can lift workers’ moods.

          She said: “Commercial interior designers have known and used LEDs very creatively and effectively in recent years and continue to be excited by the huge potential of this latest generation lighting technology, endless interior and exterior applications.”

          Ms Hammerson also believes that the energy-efficiency credentials of modern LED lighting will appeal to small business owners, as they can help to drive down energy bills.

          So, short of using mobile working to let staff set up their desk outside, serviced offices with LED lighting could be the best way to combat SAD.

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