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        ‘Good line management practices’ help staff cope with change at work

        ‘Good line management practices’ help staff cope with change at work

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          Businesses operating in serviced offices and other buildings should be aware that good line management practices are important during processes of change in workplaces, suggests Right Management.

          By giving staff a voice through staff forums, they would be able to better adjust to the changes going on at work.

          Jayne Carrington, managing director of Right Management, said that it was about good line management practices and leadership “in terms of overarching strategy”.

          “If you look at any good change programme, they always say get a guiding coalition, a team of advocates and champions that are respected by staff who can be their spokespeople who can communicate and ensure leadership are hearing the concerns of the staff,” said Ms Carrington.

          Her comments follow the recent announcement from health secretary Andrew Lansley who said that the government was looking at creating a new national NHS Leadership Academy aimed at giving all NHS staff the opportunity to develop their leadership skills.

          The academy will give doctors, nurses, and other NHS carers the skills they need to transform the NHS into a genuinely patient-centred service, in which different services work together to provide integrated care.

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