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        Good working environment makes the best employers

        Good working environment makes the best employers

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          It is perhaps not surprising that in a recent poll about the most desirable companies to work for Google and Apple came out on top.

          What is interesting to look at with relation to the YouGov survey carried out on behalf of Croner is the reasons people state as making a company a good employer.

          The number one factor for determining whether a company was a decent place to work was its environment, showing that the atmosphere in a shared or serviced office goes a long way to attracting top talent.

          A total of 82 per cent of respondents put this as the most desirable feature with good pay and benefits coming in a close second with 81 per cent.

          Being happy at work goes a long way beyond just the pay check – as these results prove – and since many businesses are not in a position to increase pay, atmosphere is key.

          Another area which scored highly was that of training, with many people expecting to get more out of their jobs than just a wage.

          Employee training scored 69 per cent and career development 65 per cent, as a number of staff look towards the future and a longer working life than ever before.

          With flexible working becoming more of a norm, 76 per cent of people said they valued employers that offered them a good work-life balance.

          Andy Hague, managing director at Croner, said: “Our survey does reveal that over 40% of adults believe that a great working culture and strong values make a good business, and these have been shown to provide a great source of competitive advantage in business.”

          Despite added pressure and increased workloads, a good office atmosphere and a supportive environment can help to reduce stress.

          It comes after the University of Central Lancashire produced a study saying that more office employees were turning to alcohol in order to cope with their working week.

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