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        Google+ aims to take on Facebook

        Google+ aims to take on Facebook

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          Businesses working in serviced office accommodation and other buildings should be keeping an eye on Google’s version of Facebook, according to a communications consultancy.

          Elemental believes that the web giant’s new social media networking service Google+ offers “potentially huge” opportunities for branding and customer relations.

          Rachel Hawkes, account director at Elemental, explained that “savvy marketers” will be pre-empting the launch of the service by considering how they can use it to extend the social reach of their business operations.

          Ms Hawkes said that the “circles” facility was one to look out for as it allowed brands to market to “really targeted” groups of people.

          “As an example, if you are a national brand that sells fashion for women aged 16 to 65, that’s a very wide group of people that you’re talking to at once on a platform like a Facebook page,” she said.

          “If you have the ability to move the 16 to 20-year-olds in one circle, the 21 to 27-year-olds in another and so on, then the possibilities of relationship-building and targeted sales are potentially huge.”

          Google+ allows individuals to share photos, messages and comments, and aims to help users easily organise contacts within groups.

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