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        Graduates prefer office space in London offering marketing over IT

        Graduates prefer office space in London offering marketing over IT

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          Office space in London and other places in the UK which offers jobs in marketing and social media are more likely to see a lot of applications from graduates than those offering IT roles.

          That is according to figures from IT recruitment agency Langley James, which has found that roles in marketing and social media are simply considered more dynamic than IT jobs nowadays.

          A recruitment survey by HighFliers predicted that only 3.9 per cent of graduates would apply for positions in the IT market this year. A decade ago more than one in ten final year graduates applied for jobs in IT.

          James Toovey, founder of the agency, said: “I feel lots of graduates that would have been getting into IT ten years ago are looking at getting into gaming or marketing, particularly social networking.”

          He added that employers looking to take people on for IT roles would expect applicants to have a solid understanding of how IT worked within their business, as well as excellent communication skills and good problem-solving skills.

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