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        Great fundraising ideas for your office

        Great fundraising ideas for your office

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          If you’re looking for ways to raise money for charity at the workplace, check out these ideas and do your bit for a good cause.

          Fundraising for charity is not only a great way for your office to give back to good causes, but it can also encourage team bonding as co-workers move out of their comfort zones in the name of fundraising.

          Here are five excellent ideas to get your fundraising inspiration flowing…

          Get on your bike
          If your office is an active one, then why not put all that energy to charitable use with a sponsored bike ride? Simply pick a route, set up a sponsorship page, and get training for your team’s jaunt across the countryside! Just make sure you pick a route that works for everybody, as not everyone is as confident as Jason and Laura Kenny on two wheels.

          Girl makes a easter biscuit cake in the kitchen. Homemade cakes for selling. Happy chef making festive sweets. Culinary art, woman craftsmanship, good wife concept

          Hold a cake sale
          Sometimes the classic is always the best, and if you’re inspired by the latest season of Great British Bake Off then why not put that enthusiasm to use with an office cake sale? A cake sale can be a great way for people to show off their culinary flair and can be an excellent conversation starter as people share their top tips to avoid a soggy bottom! Here at BE Offices, we love cakes and once again took part in this year’s MacMillan Coffee Morning raising over £2,000.

          Go abseiling
          If you fancy taking things that extra mile with your fundraising, why not consider an office abseil? Abseiling can earn big bucks for your charitable fund because, let’s face it, who wouldn’t pay to see their friends and colleagues inch their way down the nearest tall building? There are loads of abseiling options across the UK, from tall buildings to cliff-faces so there’s no reason not to take part! But be warned — this one definitely isn’t for the faint-hearted!

          Dress down days
          If you work somewhere where shirt and tie is the norm, then mix things up for charity by having a sponsored dress down day. Just like the mufti days of your youth, a casual Friday where everyone brings in a couple of quid for the privilege of wearing jeans and a t-shirt can be a quick and easy way to raise some charitable cash.

          Come lunch with me
          Take your lead from everyone’s favourite home cooking show and get various teams in your office to host lunch for everyone. Let the teams take it in turns and add a theme or two to mix things up with people making a donation if they want to take part. This is a great way for team bonding and for getting to know new people in the office all in the name of charity!


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