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        ‘Green taxes’ stopping businesses from going green

        ‘Green taxes’ stopping businesses from going green

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          Over 50 per cent of small businesses operating in serviced offices and other buildings believe that green taxes are preventing them from reducing their energy output, according to a new survey.

          Some 52 per cent of small businesses participating in the study said they cannot become more environmentally friendly until they are able to be more profitable.

          Furthermore, research from the Forum of Private Business Research (FPB) revealed that an astonishing 77 per cent of respondents believe environmental legislation tends to focus on the needs of larger businesses rather than small firms.
          This was all in contrast to the inherent value many small businesses see in going green, which, regardless of predicaments, they are attempting to do.

          The survey showed that 41 per cent of business owners have streamlined business processes, 28 per cent have reduced energy usage and the same numbers have embraced more energy efficient equipment.

          Phil Orford, chief executive of the FPB, said: “Small businesses see the benefits of green practices and technologies to the environment and, given rising energy costs, to their bottom lines.

          “They are clearly taking steps towards introducing them but the lack of adequate support from the government and utilities providers is frustrating.”

          He added that what is needed in place of more taxation is better information about the choice of support and equipment that is available and more incentives to help business owners embrace environmental processes and trade more sustainably.

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