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        Guardian asks for pictures of your workspace

        Guardian asks for pictures of your workspace

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          Your desk in your office space in London or wherever else in the UK can become almost like a home away from home.

          With pictures of family, little knick knacks and work in progress, your desk can say a lot about you, which is why the Guardian is asking people to send in photos of their desk for a gallery showing how much they vary.

          Whether your desk is a model of neatness, functionality and work, or a mess of papers, used coffee cups and old newspapers, the newspaper is asking for people to upload pictures of their workspace to Flickr, with the best to be displayed in a special gallery on the Guardian Money site.

          Different people may like to have their desks in different ways in order to aid productivity, whether that involves filling it with plants, or having it clear of all but a computer. Pen and paper may rule supreme for some people, while others may be up to date with the latest technology.

          Whatever it is like, the Guardian wants to know about it.

          Nicole Williams suggests on her Works website that cultivating personality in your workspace is important to make work more enjoyable.

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