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        Hangovers will cost employers £888m over the festive period

        Hangovers will cost employers £888m over the festive period

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          Whether it is the office Christmas party or catching up with friends for some festive fun, seven out of ten workers will nurse a hangover at work in the coming weeks.

          With Christmas just around the corner, the cost of over doing it has been measured in a survey of 6,000 staff by Travelodge.

          It is estimated that businesses in the UK will feel the brunt of the morning after the night before to the tune of £888 million in lost productivity.

          Of those surveyed, 70 per cent said they intended to party twice on a work night over the festive period, with each hangover taking three and a half hours to overcome.

          Having said that, some companies are being criticised for low morale in cutting back on perks, such as office parties, meaning there is less motivation to work in this difficult economic climate.

          In fact only 23 per cent of employers will be throwing a work party this year, according to the research, showing that many businesses are making cuts.

          This is down from the 38 per cent of companies who paid all of the expenses for a party for their staff last year, in a sign that the longer term affects of the recession are setting in.

          Of those workers who will attend an office party this year, 47 per cent of them will have it paid for, but the rest will have to fund some or all of it themselves.

          Seven out of ten people will affectively have two Christmas nights out with people at work, as one will be with their immediate colleagues and another with those they get on best with in the office.

          Another reason for attending multiple Christmas dos for 34 per cent of people is that they will go along to their partner’s office party as well as their own.

          Meanwhile a hedge-fund owner in the city spent £71,000 on a Christmas party for his nine staff recently at the Rose Club just off Oxford Street in London.

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