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        Healthy eating at work is the responsibility of the employer

        Healthy eating at work is the responsibility of the employer

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          You may think that the bowls of fruit provided in serviced offices are put there just to be aesthetically pleasing, but in fact it is vital to improve health and productivity, an expert has said.

          Carole Spiers, chief executive of employee wellbeing consultancy the Carole Spiers Group, has said that employees need to take responsibility for their own wellbeing at work, which means making sure they get their five-a-day.

          However, Ms Spiers added, it is the employer’s responsibility to make sure that workers stay healthy in the workplace, and of the best ways they can do that is leading by example.

          She said: “The employers themselves are usually highly stressed. They are not managing their pressures efficiently. They have an increased workload; they are trying to get more from their team and are usually managing on less people than they were before. More so than ever, they need to be boosting their immune system and eating the right food to keep their bodies going.”

          A recent study by Bupa said that employees should ensure they take a lunch break at work and eat the right foods in order to maintain concentration and improve productivity throughout the day

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