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        High energy levels needed for office workers

        High energy levels needed for office workers

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          It is important for office employees to keep their energy levels high, one expert has claimed.

          According to a blog posting on, this is important if people are to make a full contribution in all aspects of our life, not just at work.

          If workers are easily exhausted, they are unlikely to achieve a great work-life balance – failing to make the most of their evenings and weekends.

          In the office, they are likely to suffer lower levels of employee engagement, the news provider said.

          Where employees are unable to make a full contribution in all aspects, they may become resentful of the causes.

 said that fatigue and stress are “common companions”.

          “When tired we find it more difficult to cope and when stressed we find it more difficult to sleep,” the site stated.

          It said it is very easy to enter a downward cycle which is hard to get out of.

          “Numerous studies have linked poor sleep to worsened health,” the news provider stated.

          “Be it greater susceptibility to colds and flus to more serious conditions such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and depression.”

          And low energy levels in the workplace understandably have a bearing on productivity levels, it said.

          “When tired we lack motivation,” the news provider claimed.

          “Our work suffers and the chance of any creativity or innovation is minimal.”

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