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        Homeworking should not compromise a company’s performance

        Homeworking should not compromise a company’s performance

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          Companies which measure performance using productivity as a yard stick should have no problem with staff working remotely, according to a leading company.

          The Telework Association has spoken out on the trust issue which prevents many companies from allowing employees to work flexibly and, in many cases, remotely.

          Many employers are concerned that their staff will not work if they are not being supervised, but development director Shirley Borrett said that this shouldn’t be a problem if they quantify workers’ performance using productivity, not time.

          She said: “If managers measure people by what they expect them to do, what they expect them to achieve in a week or a month or a quarter or a year – if they’re that kind of manger then they’re not going to have a lot of problems managing people remotely because they know what they expect these people to produce.”

          Remote Employment suggests that there are upwards of 3.4 million people working from home in the UK. By next year that figure is expected to rise to 20 per cent of the population.

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