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        Hot desking ‘can help council save £10m per year’

        Hot desking ‘can help council save £10m per year’

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          A UK local authority is looking to save millions through a new hot desking scheme, it has been reported.

          According to the Western Morning News, Devon County Council is looking to sell off 28 properties over the next five years in order to slash running costs by £10 million per year.

          The strategy will target reductions of 29 per cent in running costs and 35 per cent in occupied floor space by 2017.

          At present the council employs around 6,000 people over more than 300 sites.

          Under the proposed plan, employees would be required to share desks with their colleagues – with home and remote working rising to the fore.

          PCs and workstations will still be made available for employees who come into the office.

          But in order to ensure there is a desk for everyone, a certain proportion of the council employee base will be required to work from another location.

          The council has stressed that no employees are to lose their jobs as it implements the hot desking scheme.

          In a report, Devon County Council said it is facing “significant budget pressure” which is forcing it to target efficiencies wherever possible.

          A spokesperson for the authority said it would be looking to make better use of the space available by continuing to introduce more flexible working facilities.

          These will allow any member of staff to work at any location, the representative noted.

          “Some buildings will be surplus to requirements and we will look to dispose of these to provide revenue savings, reduce our carbon footprint, protect against rising energy costs, reduce our maintenance liability and generate money to fund capital projects across the county,” the spokesperson said.

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