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        How a virtual office can help your business

        How a virtual office can help your business

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          Whether you are a freelancer, one-man band, just starting out, or simply a company that does not need to be based in an office, a virtual office can help your business in multiple ways.

          Competitive Advantage
          When you run a business thinking about how to stand out against your competitors can feel like a never-ending task. However, with a virtual office you are able to set yourself apart by using a centrally located business address which gives instant credibility. If you work in finance an address such as Threadneedle Street or Royal Exchange Avenue will give you instant gravitas but at a fraction of the price a physical office in that area would cost you. The ability to give your company a business address of note means that you are able to level the playing field with larger companies that you may have previously found it difficult to compete with.

          If you are an already established small business, for example, but wish to give yourself a national presence, you are able to rent multiple virtual office addresses while, perhaps only having one brick and mortar head office. Following on from this, if you wish to access a client base in a different area in which you do not currently have a base then opening a virtual office can be a great way of giving you that regional presence.

          If you find that travelling is a large part of your job or perhaps your business is not at the point yet where you can afford to be paying office rental fees, then a virtual office is a great option. There is no need to let your clients or potential clients know you run a business from home because even though we know it is possible to run a successful company from home, potential clients may be sceptical when you are trying to win new business. A virtual office allows you to save money by only paying rent for the business address which you can use on your marketing material or sales collateral, without paying for physical space. This then means that you can work from home, or on the go, or wherever suits you whilst avoiding paying for physical office space that you will not use.

          Equally, if you’re business owners with an established company but working remotely suits you and your employees better, then a virtual office is equally suitable. This is because you can

          maintain a professional and reliable image whilst you all work remotely to suit yourselves.

          Professional Services
          Other benefits of a virtual office are that you can access professional services in order to maintain the image you portray to your clients by having a reputable business address. With our virtual office services, you have access to a telephone answering service, where any calls made to your virtual office number are answered by a professional receptionist and then forwarded through to you whilst you are working from home. As well as this, you do not need to worry about your carbon footprint increasing by having to travel to your virtual office regularly to collect your post, especially if your virtual office address is far away. Our virtual office services include a mail forwarding service where we will post your mail to you as we receive it.

          Further to this, having your business based at home does not mean you need to be having meetings around your kitchen table. As a virtual office user, you will be able to access meeting rooms to rent by the hour where you can meet clients; if you opt to use our virtual office services, we also give 30% off meeting room rates to virtual clients.


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