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        How to choose art for a harmonious office environment

        How to choose art for a harmonious office environment

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          Choosing artwork to suit everybody’s tastes is no easy feat. Your selections are not only pieces you’ll look at every day, they also reflect on your business. So how to decide?

          You’ve just moved into a new office space, but it still look empty and sad. Before you fork out megabucks on artwork that may not be quite right, heed these handy hints and check out for inspiration!

          The importance of first impressions
          Before you get carried away stop yourself and think if the artwork you’ve chosen gives your staff and clients the right first impression of your business.

          You’ll probably want to place your most impressive piece on the wall that guests see when they enter your office or meeting room. Decide what kind of first impression you want to create – maybe a bold one? Or a welcoming one? Maybe you want to soothe visitors as they wait? Or inspire and rouse them? Ask yourself if your choices will do that.

          Consider colour
          Colour is often something that trips up buyers when choosing artwork. Usually because they’re trying to find something that matches with other colours in the space.

          Matching some colour is one thing, but this can make the space look too matchy-matchy, so don’t get bogged down with this. Sometimes colours in the art you choose can be the direct opposite of what you already have in your room. The most important thing is that the pieces complement the space and the existing colours in that space, rather than matching it exactly.

          It’s not personal
          Although it’s important to get something you’ll enjoy looking at, it’s easy to fall into the trap of buying what you’d like for yourself rather than for your business. If you love something, great, but buy it for your home, not your business. Your office artwork should suit your brand, not necessarily your personal preference.

          Make a mood board
          Either on Pinterest or in real life. Putting everything in one space can help you see what complements and what clashes. It’ll also give you a good overall idea of your entire space so you can really get a feel for what’s working and what’s not. This way, you’ll be able to see if anything’s missing or if you’ve maybe gone a bit overboard before you put in an expensive order.

          Consider supporting local artists
          Especially if their work complements your business type, the office architecture or overall aesthetic. For example, bold avant-garde paintings might work well in a reclaimed office space with high ceilings and original features, but may be a bit overpowering in a tiny workspace kitted out with 1970s furniture. Always think about your brand and if this artist is one you want your business to support. It can also make a great talking point in client meetings.

          If in doubt, always ask for a second opinion from someone who knows the space and whose taste you trust. After looking at hundreds of pieces you may start to get decision blindness, and end up choosing something just to get it done.

          If you’ve got a few pieces to choose from, why not ask your staff for their opinion rather than just winging it? After all, they’re going to have to look at it too.

          BE Offices clients get to chose from an exclusive portfolio of artwork to decorate their office space. BE has purchased an extensive range of work, all clients have to do is make their selection and it will be installed in their office. Having a piece hanging on your office wall by Andy Warhol, David Hockney, Marc Chagall or even Prince Charles is just one of the many perks of being a BE client.


          Images courtesy of BE Offices art collection

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