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        How to eat like a gourmet in the office

        How to eat like a gourmet in the office

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          End the days of soggy sandwiches and weak tea by transforming your everyday office into a foodies’ delight…

          Offices aren’t famed for their food. The best you can hope for in many is a vending machine in the corner and a jar of Nescafe by the kettle.

          But it doesn’t have to be like this. While many new developments include organic kitchens as part of the office, there are ways to being some haute cuisine into your office without having to remodel.

          Workers eating fruit and salad together for lunch

          Fresh coffee to your desk
          Supermarkets are offering a good range of coffee from drinkable instants to hand-roasted fresh beans, but the best way to get a good cuppa at your desk is to sign up to a coffee subscription service.

          Firms like Pact, Has Bean and CafeDirect will provide gourmet coffee freshly ground for the machine of your choice, whether it’s a cafetiere or Aeropress. You can opt for various delivery dates, different beans and some come with tasting notes for the ultimate gourmet experience.

          Snacks delivered to your door
          Using the same business model as the coffee subscription service, you can now get food and snacks sent daily to your workplace.

          And these aren’t just bags of Quavers and a handful of Smarties. Graze provides tailored snack boxes depending on your mood from a selection of nuts to summer berry flapjacks.

          Other companies like NutriBox offer super healthy options to stop you nipping down to the local newsagent and buying a chocolate bar.

          No more nasty noodles
          When your office only has a kettle, the go to option is often pots of noodles. But never fear, the days of tasteless, cardboard-y noodles are over.

          Healthy eating food chains are starting to provide their dining options in supermarkets. Itsu offers a selection of its excellent dishes such as Udon Noodles & Indian Inspired Soup with Chicken. All you need to do is add boiling water.

          Or, you could make your own. Simply throw in a few ingredients like cabbage, cooked chicken, some thick sauce or paste and dried or pre-cooked noodles and add water when you get to work.

          Easy healthy eating
          One of the best ways to stay healthy is by eating lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Group together with your team to buy a weekly fresh fruit box that can be delivered to your door. These will be seasonal, so you’ll get only what’s at its very best.

          Stock the fridge with a few luxury items like fresh cream and brown sugar and you’ll be snacking on strawberries and cream in no time.

          Part of the package
          If you don’t want to spend your days trying to organise delivery of boxes or cutting up fruit, why not let someone else do it for you.


          Serviced offices from BE Offices provide top quality snacks from baked goods and fresh fruit to freshly made coffee and tea. Our free doughnut Friday’s are legendary!

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