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How to make Six Nations more fun in your office

If you’re stuck for ideas on how to celebrate Six Nations with work, here’s some food for thought on how to bring the sporting event to your office.

Six Nations is the biggest rugby sporting event of the year, and one that calls for celebration. Taking place between February 1st and March 16th and featuring teams from England, France, Italy, Ireland, Wales and Scotland, the finals are an exciting time for any sports fan. If you’re thinking of celebrating this rugby spectacle in the office, here are a few ideas for how to get the whole team involved.

France v Wales - Guinness Six Nations - Stade De France

Go all out on décor
No matter what your allegiance, there’s plenty of Six Nations rugby memorabilia to decorate the office with. Get the six flags of the participating nations to put up around the office, with coordinating streamers and bunting, to get work into the spirit of things.

You could also host a competition for the best Six Nations decoration. Give everyone some decorating materials and let them loose – it will encourage everyone to find their creativity and to work together, which is excellent for team bonding.

Get the team flag flying
To get the whole office participating, why not get people sorted into teams to support each one of the six nations taking part? You can assign points for patriotic activity or for showing particular keenness to participate in the group celebration.

It’s a good excuse to get the team to change things up a bit. Why not get everyone to change office seats to sit with their team? You can hand out rewards for efforts such as “best team costume” or “best performing team”.

Organise viewing parties
Although not everyone may be a fan of rugby, you can get everyone to participate in a fun viewing party. No one wants to turn down free food or drink, and team members can learn more about each other and about the game of rugby together.

Why not encourage each team member to contribute something to a pot luck that’s themed around the six nations taking part? There are plenty of national dishes from the six countries that are perfect for sharing, such as British chips, Scottish haggis, French baguettes, Welsh cakes and more!

Take some fun bets
Although proper betting is not encouraged, you can get the team to guess the winners of each stage and the finale. The winner could get a prize of a lunch out or tickets to something fun to do in the evening. This is a good way to get even those co-workers who aren’t interested in sports involved – everyone loves a free lunch!

You could even place bets on more specific or silly things, such as individual player scores or misses, player most likely to be banned from the field, or the number of days the games are played in rain. It’s a good way to get your team to bond, particularly as sportier colleagues can explain the bets to their not-so-sporty co-workers.


Images courtesy of Press Association



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