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        How to make your work a top priority

        How to make your work a top priority

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          Getting your work seen by your busy boss can be difficult.  Here are a few ways to move your project up their priority list…

          Bosses are usually busy, so getting their attention can be difficult. If you’ve got a piece of work or a problem that you need them to prioritise you’re going to have to work hard to move it up their list.

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          Flag it up
          They may well only have a few things on their priority list, so the first step is to actually get your work on this exclusive list. By flagging it up with them you’ve made a start. You may well be at the bottom of the list, but that’s the best place to start if you want to go up.

          Be clear of the benefits
          You need to make it clear to them from the start why your work is more important than everything else. Lay out its importance in easy to understand ways. And, also suggest to them the downsides if they ignore your project – what will it cost them?

          Make the deadlines clear
          Even if you’re not working towards your own deadline, include some for your bosses. Priorities are sorted in a number of ways – time being one of the most pressing. You don’t have to be forceful – you can simply state that this issue needs feedback or a response by a set time.

          Get face-to-face
          Emails are east to ignore. Try and get a meeting with them if you can to explain thoroughly and articulately why they need to focus on your work. They’re much more likely to take you and your project seriously if they can see the passion and dedication in your face.

          Prove it to them
          If you want them to prioritise your work then you’ve got to take it as seriously as you want them to. It’s no use begging them to take a look if you’re not willing to follow through. Take the project seriously and they might start to as well.

          Start lower down
          If you can’t get moved up their priority list, then seek a helping hand. Instead of going straight to the top get help from a colleague or your line manager. If two or three employees consider this a priority then your boss will start to take notice.

          Help clear the list
          If they’re keen to help out but no matter what can’t put your work top of the list, try and help them clear some other jobs. Offer to provide support on the other issues. Once these are out of the way, you’ll have a window to get your project to the top.

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