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        How to mark Remembrance Day in your workplace

        How to mark Remembrance Day in your workplace

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          On Monday 11th November, we commemorate the lives of those lost during war. We offer some ideas on how you can mark this sombre occasion in the workplace…

          On Remembrance Sunday and Armistice Day in the UK, we pay our respects to those who have lost their lives in service. In your office, you can show your support for the occasion in several ways…

          Distribute poppies and support the Poppy Appeal
          The poppy flower has long been held as a symbol of those who have lost their lives in conflict, after the imagery was first mentioned in First World War poem In Flanders Fields, published by John McCrae in 1915. The Royal British Legion, a charity established on 15 May 1921, took the poppy as their symbol and began the Poppy Appeal that year, with the sale of poppies raising money for veterans and their family members. In your office, you can support the appeal by offering poppies to purchase or purchasing some to give to staff to wear on Armistice Day.

          Organise a commemorative silence
          It is tradition to have a commemorative two-minute silence at 11.11am on the 11th day of the 11th month (November) to show respect for those who gave their lives. In the office, you can hold this silence in a quiet room for those who wish to participate without being disrupted by any necessary office activities.

          Do some charity fundraising
          If you think your workforce might be interested in fundraising for worthy causes aligned with Armistice Day, you can encourage activities such as a bake sale or sponsored events. Any money raised can then be donated to the British Legion or another organisation that directly supports veterans.

          Encourage volunteering
          You can encourage those working in your office to offer their skills as volunteers for the British Legion. The charity offers various roles for volunteers, including direct support to veterans, office support, support at the National Memorial Arboretum and more. They can also get involved in the Poppy Appeal directly. Make information on opportunities available to staff.

          Create safe space for employees to pay their respects
          If employees wish to share family stories or commemorate relatives, give them a safe space in which to do so in the office. You could also provide emotional support if some team members are having a difficult time. Armistice Day can be a difficult day for those affected, so be conscious of their needs.


          Images courtesy of Press Association

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