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        How to maximise your business potential through your office space

        How to maximise your business potential through your office space

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          David Saul, Managing Director of Business Environment, the leading provider of serviced offices, offers advice as to how to choose the perfect office space.

          Choosing the right office is an essential ingredient to business success. With many factors to be considered, it is important that businesses choose the office that will benefit their organisation the most.  Here are SEVEN  factors that will inform your choice;


          The cost of the office runs in line with the location, with your businesses address having a strong influence on your business reputation. You should take into account the location of your clients, the industry you operate within and the impression you want to convey. Your business can benefit from neighbouring organisations as they may bring potential clients to the area. Location is therefore an important factor for your business not least because it has a significant impact on cost.

          Transport links

          The accessibility of your office is also something to consider. How accessible is your office to your employees? How accessible is your office to your clients or customers?

          All- Inclusive Packages

          Do you want your office to be serviced? Serviced office space allows you to concentrate on running your business whilst your provider runs the office space. Business Environment provides state of the art serviced office space at a competitive price. No deposit and no hidden fees enabling you to have a tight control on your set up costs and your monthly costs and enabling you to keep the capital in your business.

          Space and Interior

          The space available and the layout depends on the nature of your business, businesses that involve high levels of internal communication would require an integrated working environment and more open plan approach. By contrast, businesses where individual working is required, a more compartmentalised approach with individual small offices may be more suitable. The interior is also important:  when a client visits your offices the space sets their expectations and needs to represent your brand. First impressions count, for example, an immaculate office is nothing if the foyer is not maintained.


          Is your business easily accessible to employees and clients? For example is it wheelchair accessible? This is something important to consider.

          Length of Lease

          Before signing into a licence you will need to be confident that the length of your lease is appropriate for your business plan, be wary of long term leases with no early release, if in doubt consult a legal professional.


          Look for opportunities to network with the businesses in your own building. There is a ready made network of businesses that could be potential customers and clients.

          For more information about serviced office space, visit . Business Environment are the leading provider of serviced offices, catering for small, medium and large organisations demanding highly competitive and flexible office space.

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