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        How to organise an office Christmas fundraiser

        How to organise an office Christmas fundraiser

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          Christmas and charity go hand in hand. Follow our steps to make sure your next fundraiser falls into the right ones…

          Let the season of goodwill into your workplace with our easy-to-follow fundraising tips…

          1. Create a committee
          Put the word out early that you’re looking for people with enthusiasm and some spare time to develop your fundraising plans and put them into action. Deciding on a theme becomes a lot easier when you have the option to bounce ideas among others. The most successful event will appeal to as many of your colleagues as possible, so with a committee made up of your audience members you’re sure to strike a chord with more potential donors.

          2. Take responsibility for your spend
          Bunting for decoration, vouchers for a raffle, or even medals for a staff sports day will all come at a cost. Factor spend into your budget to make the margins work for your charity of choice. It’s important to confirm who’ll cover the costs, whether it’s committee members or the company itself. Clearing this up from the outset will avoid potentially awkward conversations later.

          3. Decide on the perfect date
          With flexible working, part-time staff and annual leave to contend with, you might struggle to find the perfect date to host your fundraiser. If the event isn’t date specific e.g. Christmas Jumper Day, check when most of your team will be in the office. You could always involve those staff members who can’t be there – perhaps a team quiz with remote workers Skyping their answers in? Once your date is in place, spread the word as early as possible to avoid extra absences.

          4. Go theme crazy!
          The familiar sight of desks, monitors and chairs may struggle to inspire your team’s charitable side, but a few touches here and there could encourage everyone to get into the spirit. Transforming your workplace doesn’t have to be a solo slog, ask your colleagues if they want to join in setting up streamers or fixing flags. You might be surprised how a team that invests in the organising stage, invests at the donation stage.

          5. Post event updates
          After creating a committee, decorating the office and encouraging your colleagues to part with their cash, it’s only right to update everyone on the success of your fundraiser. A monetary total is a must for making everyone feel involved, but your update doesn’t have to end there. A few photos from the day or special prizes for ‘most interesting use of icing’ or ‘soggiest bottom’ in a baking competition, could provide a few laughs and have your team raring to donate for the next event.

          Images courtesy of Press Association

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