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        How To SpeedNetwork

        Speed Networking Top Tips – try these to get the most out of speed networking…

        1. Always try to be in the group of people not moving, it puts you in control and means that you don’t have to get up after every chat allowing you to be more composed during each meeting (they are pretty intense).

        2. Try not to make your pitch sound like it has been scripted. The best pitches are from those who tailor their pitch to the other speed networker.

        3. Try to go second; this will benefit you in two ways. You’ll understand the other speed networker’s business and whether you have anything to offer them. Another benefit is that your pitch is more likely to stick in the other speed networker’s mind.

        4. Have lots of business cards and ideally a leaflet that clearly describes what you do.

        5. Carry a pen with you; write notes on the back of business cards about the other person’s company; when you get back to the office it may not be quite as apparent what the company does just from a business card.

        6. Final business card point: make sure that you exchange cards at the beginning of the session, it can be a time saver.

        7. Lean into the conversation slightly (too much can be really off putting), it shows that you’re interested and focused on what the other person has to say.

        8. Remember names, the people that have the biggest impact on us are those that can remember our names. It shows they have listened to what you have to say.

        9. The business people who are usually the most successful are those that have done a few sessions of speed networking; the age old adage of practice makes perfect seems to ring true in the speed networking environment.

        10. After you get all the contact cards, pursue any relevant leads you get within 48 hours.

        How To SpeedNetwork
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