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Suite 0.3 & 0.4 – 28 desks @ Farringdon – £375 per desk pm – AVAILABLE NOW
Suite 0.3 & 0.4 – 28 desks @ Farringdon – £375 per desk pm – AVAILABLE NOW
10 Desks @ Cheapside – £770 Per Desk pm – AVAILABLE NOW
10 Desks @ Cheapside – £770 Per Desk pm – AVAILABLE NOW
12 desks @ Royal Exchange – £525 Per Desk pm – AVAILABLE NOW
12 desks @ Royal Exchange – £525 Per Desk pm – AVAILABLE NOW
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How to…survive Twixmas in the office

Working the quiet period between Christmas and New Year? We look at all the things you can do to get ahead and avoid getting too bored!

If you’ve been landed with working that strange period between Christmas and New Year before, you’ll know that finding things to do can often be quite tedious. Many businesses are closed during this period; this year’s projects have been closed, and next year’s haven’t begun yet. So how can you keep yourself busy?

Be a point of contact
Chances are that many of your colleagues will have booked this period off, so you might find that you’re one of the only people holding fort in the office. Before the Christmas break, make your rounds of the office and let your co-workers know that you’ll be around as a potential point of contact for their clients. Even if they’re projects you’re not working on, it’s good to have someone to respond to queries and keep in touch with clients over the festive period.

close up of a computer with Christmas tinsel around it and a party hat on top of screen

Catch up on admin
For the first time in months, you don’t have people approaching you from all sides, asking for your help with things and giving you extra tasks. Take advantage of this time and clean out your computer. Go through old files and clear them of things you no longer need.

Also check for software updates, and make sure your computer is in good nick for the new year. See it as “New Year, New Computer, New You”.

Book holidays early
One massive advantage to being one of the only employees in the office in the run-up to New Year, is that you get to put in holiday time requests for the coming year before everyone else gets the chance.
Never managed to get that second week in July off? Want a romantic Valentines break? Now’s the chance to put your plans in motion.

Treat yourself to leisurely lunch
It’s not every workday that you can enjoy a slow-paced, leisurely lunch – the unending queues in every cafe within a mile radius of the office and the constantly bustling crowds see to that. Stroll to your favourite cafe or restaurant, stress-free, and enjoy your lunch for a change. And hey – it’s not often that you get to take the full hour to digest and enjoy a good book without someone needing your help in the office. Take advantage of this quiet time, and relax.

Get to know your colleagues
You might have certain people in the office who you gravitate towards and chat to every day – but when they’re away on holiday, who’s your office buddy?

Twixmas is a great time to reach out and befriend people in the office with whom you’ve never really spoken before. A little comradeship goes a long way during this quiet period – and it’ll mean a new friend for the coming year, too.





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