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        Iain Duncan Smith: Hire unemployed Brits, not foreign workers

        Iain Duncan Smith: Hire unemployed Brits, not foreign workers

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          Businesses working in shared offices and other buildings should hire unemployed British people rather than people from abroad, according to the work and pensions secretary.

          Iain Duncan Smith believes that by hiring Brits over migrant workers, and thereby cutting the number of people coming into the country, unemployment will be slashed drastically.

          To support his argument, Mr Duncan Smith quotes official figures that claim 90 per cent of the 400,000 jobs created in the UK in the last year went to foreign workers.

          At a speech in Madrid, the former leader of the Conservative Party said that the government was looking to modify the current immigration system so that it gives unemployed people in the country a “level playing field”.

          He said: “Good immigration is managed immigration – it should not be an excuse to import labour to take up posts which could be filled by people already in Britain.”

          “Controlling immigration is critical or we will risk losing another generation to dependency and hopelessness.”

          He also spoke about the government’s efforts to transform the welfare system to incentivise people to get back into work and move them away from benefit dependency.

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