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        Ideas for your 2019 away days

        Ideas for your 2019 away days

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          Away days are an important opportunity to build team spirit and get your company to intermingle and connect.

          Here are some inspiring away day ideas to get you and your colleagues out of the office and learning more about each other.

          Team building exercises are more interesting than ever before, and with good reason. Putting a date in the company calendar encourages employees to get out of the office and get to know their colleagues better, making away days invaluable for a more cohesive office vibe.

          Cooking masterclass
          There’s no better way to get everyone to bond than over a good plate of delicious food. A cookery class is an excellent way to get everyone trying something new and talking about their experiences once they’ve sat down to sample their creations.

          Friends preparing food at table in kitchen

          A cookery class is also an ideal opportunity to broaden your culinary repertoire further than just a nice pasta. You can try making vegan snacks, divine chocolate truffles, brunch dishes and more.

          Escape room
          Nothing makes you work as a team quite like being locked in a room together. A trip to an escape room is an excellent way to get colleagues to work together on solving problems. Rather than making the team sit down at a meeting where the ideas are all abstract, you can get everyone into a creative mindset with an interactive experience that only takes a few hours.

          Another attraction is that escape rooms have different themes, so you can tailor the experience to suit your kind of company.

          Treasure hunt
          For something that’s a bit active but not so energetic that it’s off-putting, try an outdoor treasure hunt as a fun way to get team members to bond. Why not pick one that explores a city you know, or maybe even a city you don’t?

          Solving clues and mixing up the company hierarchy with different teams is an entertaining day out that can easily be complemented by a dinner and a recap in the evening.

          Track day
          For an away day that will really wow the team, you can whisk team members off to the track, where fast cars and racing will get employees revved up about the company. You can choose the car type, from rally cars and Land Rovers to racing cars, and get the team out on the track to get some competitions going.

          Best of all, you can make a full day of it, with breakfast, lunch and dinner or an afternoon snack included. This gives the team time to review the day and get chatting to different people within the organisation.

          Dragon boat racing
          Another sporty activity, but this time on the water, dragon boat racing requires communication, competitive spirit and team bonding to work, which makes it a perfect away day activity. The company is split into teams, each is given a dragon boat, and with full training in how to paddle, the competition starts!

          It’s the perfect choice for the company that wants to do something a little bit different, but doesn’t want to go for a full sporting experience.


          Images courtesy of Press Association

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