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        INFOGRAPHIC: How much coffee do we drink?

        INFOGRAPHIC: How much coffee do we drink?

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          How much coffee do we drink?

          We are renowned as a nation of tea drinkers but just how much coffee do we now drink in the UK?

          70 million cups of coffee are drunk every day in the UK compared to 165 million cups of tea with the average Briton consuming around 1.7 kg of coffee per year.

          Around 9.6 billion kg of coffee is produced every year with the top five coffee consuming countries per person annually as follows:

          Finland – 9.6 kg

          Norway – 7.2 kg

          Netherlands – 6.7 kg

          Slovenia – 6.1 kg

          Austria – 5.5 kg

          Coffee beans are only grown around the ‘bean belt’ in Hawaii, Costa Rica, Mexico, Guatemala. Puerto Rico, Colombia, Brazil, Kenya, Ethiopia, Yemen and Indonesia.

          The coffee making process:

          1. The coffee seed is planted
          2. The coffee cherries are harvested after 3-4 years
          3. The cherries are dried out
          4. The beans are milled
          5. The milled beans or ‘green coffee’ is exported
          6. Then quality and taste checked
          7. Finally, the beans are roasted, ground and brewed!

          Why do we love coffee?

          • 43% of people say they feel more productive after a cup of coffee
          • 20 of people say coffee lets them be sociable
          • Caffeine – coffee halts our body’s production of adenosine which makes us sleepy and sluggish

          Other coffee related stats:

          • 37% of employees would prefer free, good quality coffee over an annual office party
          • Oils in coffee help our brains build resistance to stress
          • People who drink coffee daily have 20% less chance of developing liver cirrhosis
          • People who drink four or more cups of coffee per day have 10% less chance of getting depressed





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