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        Interview fear is reinforced by lack of office space preparation

        Interview fear is reinforced by lack of office space preparation

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          A lack of preparation by both candidates and employers is helping to perpetuate the culture of fear surrounding office space interviews.

          According to new research from recruitment specialist Monster, a large number of job seekers feel business owners don’t do enough to make their office spaces more welcoming and relaxing.

          After polling 3,400 job hunters and 240 interviewers, the firm found that an amazing 15 per cent of candidates had been reduced to tears by a job interview.

          Some 62 per cent said that poor preparation on behalf of the company that was hosting the interview had left them feeling uncomfortable and almost a third claimed that the interviewer had forgotten their name.

          Isabelle Ratinaud, director at Monster UK & Ireland, said both employers and potential recruits had to make more of an effort when it came to preparing for an interview.

          She said: “Preparation means no wasted time both during and after the interview.”

          Recently, the International Stress Management Association claimed that piping music in the office space can make it a more relaxing place to work.

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