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        Involve staff in office moves to avoid stress

        Involve staff in office moves to avoid stress

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          Involving all staff and employees in a move from one serviced office to another could go a long way to reducing the stress of the whole process, it has been claimed.

          While not quite as stressful as moving house, changing your workstation could have a ripple effect on employees, as many may have been settled into their office space in Milton Keynes or the rest of the UK for some time.

          But according to the Forum of Private Businesses, getting everybody involved in the process could combat this worry.

          Spokesman Phil McCabe said: “Involve the staff in the move and typically small businesses will have that kind of relationship with their staff; where they are more involved in the day-to-day running of the company and also in moving offices when that time comes.”

          He added that the layout of an office could have an impact on the atmosphere, so it was also important to consider that when moving premises.

          Help Moving Office said that the most stressful aspects of an office move include worries about downtime when staff are unable to work, as well as last minute chaos and worries about paying more than you have to for office space.

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