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        IT firms are soaking up West End office space

        IT firms are soaking up West End office space

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          The majority of office space being let in the West End of London houses IT and technology industry players.

          For the first time since the dotcom crash, the financial services sector is renting less office space in this business-focused part of London than tech and telecoms giants.

          According to the Daily Telegraph, the rapid uptake of office space from tech firms is being driven by huge investments – such as the recent Goldman Sachs Facebook stock acquisition.

          Analysts will no doubt be hoping that the dotcom bubble will not reappear, but with Google valuing the e-commerce sector in the UK at £100 billion, it looks fairly certain that tech giants will be able to hang onto their lucrative West End office space this time around.

          The Daily Telegraph’s claims appear to be backed up by recent research from the British Council for Offices, which notes that while the economy still appears to be fragile, the recovery in London – in terms of office space deals – is well underway.

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