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        It’s time to start boosting office morale

        It’s time to start boosting office morale

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          The economic downturn has made the jobs market difficult to navigate. So much so, that new research from recruitment specialist Monster has shown that three out of four people feel trapped in their current job.

          According to Monster, while a whopping 75 per cent of workers are not happy where they are, they feel there is very little they can do about it as the UK’s various jobs markets continue to feel the fallout from the recent economic implosion.

          The discontent could prompt many small and medium-sized business owners to attempt to re-engage their staff by overhauling their office spaces.

          Monster’s survey of 2,600 workers also showed that 40 per cent of people are suffering from work-related stress and many fear that they are being overlooked for promotion.

          Isabelle Ratinaud of Monster said: “It’s really quite concerning to see how unhappy people are in their jobs.

          “It is clear that the economic climate has had an impact on career confidence.”

          And it’s not just Monster that believes pressure in the workplace is making staff less happy. New research from Business Environment shows that more and more workers are cutting back on lunch breaks.

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