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        Jelly events benefit home workers

        Jelly events benefit home workers

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          With the rise of flexible and mobile working come some drawbacks and one of which is that those who are used to an office atmosphere can miss the social side of working in a traditional manner.

          An idea, which originally started in New York, called Jelly events, has been brought over to the UK and allows home workers and third place workers to enjoy the social side of work.

          The way in which it works is that for one working day in a week, home workers come together in order to counteract the monotony of solitary working.

          Andy Cowin, who has organised a Jelly event in Solihull, told Solihull News : “Isolation is one of the biggest challenges of working from home.”

          Jelly events bring people in similar circumstances together, meaning they can bounce ideas off one another and gain inspiration from a change of scenery.

          It is not a networking opportunity, but a working environment where those involved are encouraged to get more out of the situation for themselves as opposed to new clients for the company.

          They are set up by ordinary home workers who have heard of the concept and do not have to involve a large amount of money or infrastructure in order to begin.

          Jelly events can be held in any location as long as it is centrally situated and has free Wi-Fi, so that those attending can do their jobs and keep in contact with clients and other workers.

          Mr Cowin said: “Jelly is a great way for freelancers, home workers and small business owners to escape their home office for a change of scene, a good chat and a shot of inspiration.”

          The UK Jelly website can be used in order for home workers to find out where their nearest Jelly event is or to publicise the setting up of one.

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