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        Join the Europeans to achieve a healthier and happier workforce

        Join the Europeans to achieve a healthier and happier workforce

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          Employers in the UK should follow the example set by their European counterparts to help their workforce become healthier and happier, consultants have said.

          Health and wellbeing consultant Hermie Hogg said that employers should make a plan of exercises for employers to do while they’re sat at their desks in their office space in Milton Keynes and the rest of the UK, among other things.

          These measures, which also include holding workshops on healthy eating, encourage staff to better health and wellbeing.

          Ms Hogg said: “People in European countries are more serious about their health than maybe in the UK. It’s just that people don’t seem to be taking their health as seriously, only when people get ill then people panic, but I don’t think people are as health conscious somehow as Europe.”

          Suggested desk exercises include wiggling toes to keep circulation going, pelvic floor exercises and rapid blinking to stop eyes from going dry.

          Measures such as these added up to make an award-winning office space for Headstrong UK. The London-based company won a Simplyhealth award for staff wellbeing earlier this month.

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