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        Keeping employees engaged with workplace rewards

        Keeping employees engaged with workplace rewards

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          Sometimes it is the simple things which have the greatest impact on employee morale and engagement within the office.

          While providing a comfortable, well-furnished business environment always helps, very often staff members simply want a little recognition for a job well done.

          If they perform consistently well over an extended period of time, employees feel as if they are entitled to additional reward – whether financial or in terms of other benefits.

          According to the Economic Times, changing market dynamics and increasing competition employers are urging employers to think beyond the obvious compensatory benefits.

          The news provider said there is scope for employers to shape reward schemes around individuals’ growth aspirations.

          And this is something employers need to be aware of, as each employee is likely to be motivated and engaged in a different way.

          For some, the ability to move to flexi-time or choose which hours they start and finish could be as well received as any other benefit.

          Particularly with mobile working devices allowing people to conduct employment tasks at the weekend and on evenings, employers may be able to benefit themselves from being more flexible.

          Workers with children in particular may see flexibility as a big plus – this could give them the opportunity to take their kids to school and pick them up after work.

          Some employees may be motivated by the prospect of a few extra days’ annual leave per year, while others’ main priority could be the provision of training.

          By engaging with staff and determining what they are looking for in terms of rewards- pecuniary or otherwise – employers should have a much better idea of how to keep them happy.

          And this can have a positive effect on overall productivity rates in the office environment – and overall business output.

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