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        Keeping office staff happy during the downturn

        Keeping office staff happy during the downturn

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          Workplace morale isn’t as high as it once was – thanks in part to rising unemployment and the severe deficit reduction measures put in place by the coalition government.

          And according to new research from Badenoch and Clark, business owners with a team roster of white-collar workers should be most concerned about engaging with their employees.

          The firm claimed that 35 per cent of lawyers and a quarter of financial service professionals are unhappy in the workplace at the moment.

          Heidi Waddington, associate director at Badenoch and Clark, said that while the economic uncertainty was definitely getting the British workforce down, it was up to employers to keep staff happy and motivated.

          “It is important that organisations foster an environment where their employees are able to develop a strong sense of self worth. Failure to do so may result in loss of talent, which in turn will lead to loss of potential revenue,” she added.

          This week, insurance specialist Aviva claimed that having serviced office space which promotes workers’ wellbeing – by having things like fruit bowls and water coolers – could be the first step towards engaging with staff. This rings true because 70 per cent of office workers have vowed to get healthy in the coming year.

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