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        Key benefits of serviced offices

        Key benefits of serviced offices

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          The options available when looking to rent office space have change dramatically since the days of traditional office space, otherwise known as leased office space.

          These days you can find everything from hot-desking, coworking, traditional office space and serviced offices. Serviced offices are an option that have much to offer to all companies including small businesses. If you are unsure as to what the benefits of serviced offices are, please continue to see our top three:

          1. Flexibility
          Flexibility is the key benefit that many companies enjoy when they move to serviced office spaces. Unlike conventional office space, in which it can be common to sign lease agreements for a minimum of 5 years fixed term contract, serviced offices offer flexibility because many contracts, including ours, offer short term leases from as little as a one month. Furthermore, if your business requires space to grow in order to take on new people, you can do this within a month and upgrade your space with this type of office setup. This is opposed to being in conventional office space where you could reach the maximum capacity of your office and be unable to change it so there is no physical space to bring on new employees, putting your company at a disadvantage.

          This also works in reverse so that if you no longer require all your space, it is easy to downgrade with short notice and not be liable to pay higher rental fees for longer than necessary.

          Businesses can also gain flexibility, in particular when choosing BE for their serviced offices, because there are no deposits which means you can keep the cashflow strong in your business so that you can use your money more flexibly rather than having it tied up.

          2. Cost saving
          Serviced office spaces enable companies to enjoy cost effective access to high quality equipment and communications systems that would otherwise be costly if a company was looking to install it in an office themselves, for example at our BE business centres we have dedicated 10GB internet for clients and high quality office furniture. There is also general cost saving to be had concerning facilities and services. When locating your business within a serviced office, it is the provider who takes care of cleaning and maintenance so you can focus on your business whilst they take care of everything else. One of the other benefits of a serviced office is that there are onsite meeting rooms which can be booked and if you are a client of BE Offices you will receive a 30% discount on meeting rooms throughout our portfolio.

          3. Perks
          Depending on your serviced office provider you will find that there are a whole plethora of perks that your company will be offered which you may not have been able to offer to your employees otherwise, such as onsite gyms in many of our centres, spacious breakout areas, and much more. If you choose BE as your serviced office provider, you will also receive perks such as a weekly shoe shiner, monthly drinks events, doughnut and sweet trolleys, as well as complimentary food and drinks with screenings of Wimbledon or other high-profile sports, to mention a few.


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