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        Key dates all small businesses need in their 2018 calendars

        Key dates all small businesses need in their 2018 calendars

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          It can be hard to get momentum going in your small businesses after the buzz of the festive season dies down. To help build structure for the year ahead, it pays to get your calendar in order. Here are a few key dates to get you started…

          January 15: Blue Monday
          Known as the most depressing day of the year, when our Christmas over-spending finally hits home, and the novelty of dark mornings and evenings wears thin. Why not organise discount day on your products or services today to lighten the mood? Cafes and restaurants could think about special deals on food or a free coffee with every meal to help lift the spirits, not to mention tighten purse strings in the run-up to payday. Your efforts will be much appreciated, and could lead to some more loyal customers for the rest of the year.

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          January 31: Tax returns
          No, it’s not fun – but it is essential. By the end of January, all taxes for 2017 must be paid off and businesses large and small must make their self-assessment returns. The first payments for 2018 must also be made – exciting stuff!

          February pension plans
          Starting from this month, you must have a pension plan in place and all employees who qualify for it must be enrolled. From here on, pension payments will be introduced in phases. The second phase will begin on the April 6.

          May 25: GDPR enforcement begins
          The GDPR (or General Data Protection Regulation) is a regulation implemented by the EU to help secure and protect data and privacy of individuals and businesses within the EU. By this date, you must make sure your business has complied with all the requirements of the regulation.

          October 1: National Coffee Day
          Whether your business is a café or restaurant or nothing to do with food, this is a great day for coffee lovers everywhere. Cafés – why not treat your customers to a special deal to celebrate? Restaurants could throw in a complimentary coffee with any meal. Meanwhile, if your business is a totally different industry, why not treat your employees to come delicious specialty coffee for their lunchbreak? It’s just the boost they’ll need as the darker evenings of winter are creeping in.

          November 1: National Stress Awareness Day
          It’s extremely important to know the facts about mental illness and stress. Since work is a major source of stress for people, it’s good to regularly ensure your business’s working environment is a welcoming and uplifting place to be. On National Stress Awareness Day, why not shake things up and organise some fun and relaxing things to do in the office? Office yoga, or inviting your staff to bring in books and take read-and-relax hours, could be good options for allowing them to unwind.


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