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        Getting people excited is the key to motivation in the office

        Getting people excited is the key to motivation in the office

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          Getting staff excited and keeping people motivated are some of the suggestions which have been put forward for increasing staff engagement in office space in London and beyond.

          Tonic, a company specialising in strategic wellbeing, told Call Centre Helper that some of the best ways to motivate staff in the office came through making them feel good about themselves and their work.

          Behavioural factors were the main things which need to be changed to motivate staff, the company said, including ensuring that employees value themselves and focus on their wellness in the workplace.

          Personal incentives and targets are essential for increasing wellness, as it can help people to have goals to work towards.

          The company advised that those in office space start small with the wellness strategy, but making sure staff stay hydrated, eat regularly, exercise and make sure they take regular breaks.

          A report compiled by the World Health Organisation showed that the workplace should be a priority setting for health promotion, as the workplace can directly influence the physical and mental wellbeing of workers and their families.

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