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        ‘Lack’ of public sector job opportunities

        ‘Lack’ of public sector job opportunities

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          Job opportunities in the public sector are at an all time low, according to new figures.

          The Monster Employment Index (MEI) revealed that the public sector, the community industry and defence have all seen a sharp decline in the opportunities that are available to people.

          MEI, an employment company and data analyst, reported that in July 2011, there was a 15 per cent year-on-year decrease in public sector opportunities.

          This placed the sector bottom of the index in terms of low-performing growth.

          In comparison, employment opportunities in general saw a year-on-year “steady increase” of nine per cent.

          Speaking to Grapevine, Michael Gentle, spokesperson for Monster Employment in the UK and Ireland, said: “More positively the Monster Employment Index shows recruitment trends steadily improving across the UK, with the transport and logistics sector particularly leading the Index over the past six months.”

          He added that trends in the index continued to be a lot more favourable than they had been a year ago.

          Public sector cuts are now hitting the construction industry hard, according to the Construction Trade Survey.

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