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        Lateness ‘now less likely to enrage employers’

        Lateness ‘now less likely to enrage employers’

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          UK employers are increasingly turning a blind eye to employee lateness, a new study has suggested.

          Back-up specialist, which conducted the study, said three-quarters of employers now have a more relaxed attitude towards time keeping.

          This is because – thanks to the advent of mobile technology – they know many employees are starting work long before they arrive at the office, reports Digital Hub.

          The study found that a third of employees have checked their work emails before arriving at the office.

          On average, employers will not take action against employees who arrive up to half an hour late, the study found.

          Only if this tardiness becomes a regular occurrence are they likely to contemplate having words with their employees.

          Meanwhile, found that a quarter of employers are also happy for their workers to take longer lunches, providing their work gets done to the required standard.

          And a third are willing to look the other way when employees take regular time out for tea breaks and conversation with their co-workers.

          A tenth of employers said they have no problem with staff carrying out personal tasks at work, such as banking or paying bills.

          Claire Galbois-Alcaix of said the survey results are “brilliant news” for workers everywhere.

          “Hard work isn’t going unnoticed and mobile working and technology is having more of an impact on employer attitudes than people think,” she stated.

          “The lines between work and personal life are becoming more and more blurred as one aspect of life merges with the other.”

          Ms Galbois-Alcaix said bosses have come to understand that a bit of give and take encourages a loyal and trusted workforce.

          “Using internet-based solutions that allow workers to access their data as if they were in the office, wherever they are and whenever they want, will help everyone to continue seeing benefits,” she added.

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