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        London commuters ‘sticking to travel plans during Olympics’

        London commuters ‘sticking to travel plans during Olympics’

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          Despite receiving warnings about traffic congestion, a third of London commuters will stick to their normal route to work during the Olympics, it has been reported.

          Research conducted by Roxy Palace found that 34 per cent of people working in the city intend to use the same buses, Tube services and roads during the Games.

          The researchers found that many employees are simply unwilling to make alternative arrangements, even if it means arriving late to work.

          They believe this approach will be quicker than making line changes or starting with a different stop, regardless of whether this is the reality or not.

          Just 12 per cent of those polled said they had planned out an alternative route, with a further 54 per cent stating that they would do so before the start of the Games.

          A spokesman from said the results showed some people were happy to sacrifice actual ease in favour of perceived ease.

          “The disruptions the Olympics will cause London’s transport network have been well publicised for months, yet it seems many people are happy to ignore the message and face the crowds and delays head on,” he stated.

          “Most Londoners have spent time getting their commute down to a quick and finely honed routine and it seems many are simply unwilling to break from this, even though they may realise that an alternative route can be quicker.”

          He noted that those who have more to carry and an ultimately more difficult commute are more likely to have planned their route.

          “It was particularly interesting to note that men were revealed as being significantly more stubborn than women when it came to making alternative plans,” the spokesperson added.

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