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        London firm installs edible lift using Jaffa Cakes

        London firm installs edible lift using Jaffa Cakes

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          Companies are always coming up with hair brained schemes to boost employee morale – but a recent stunt really takes the biscuit.

          A London firm has installed what is believed to be the world’s first ever lickable lift – enabling workers to get a sugar hit as they take the elevator.

          The lift, created by biscuit manufacturer McVitie’s, has 1,325 Jaffa Cakes stuck to the walls, making for somewhat bizarre trips up and down the building.

          Communications company Engine is responsible for installing the lickable lift at its Great Portland Street office and the firm hopes it will boost employee morale in difficult economic times.

          It took food technicians and artists four weeks to develop the live brand experience, taking inspiration from the glass elevator used by Willy Wonka in his chocolate factory.

          However, it remains to be seen whether the cakes last for such a length of time, with hungry staff on hand to devour the sweet treats.

          Philippa Tilley, head of McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes, said the company was bringing fun to life through its latest promotion.

          “This was the perfect way to get a little joy straight to stressed-out office workers.”

          Lickable lifts are unlikely to be everyone’s cup of tea – and it could be a while before the Houses of Parliament or Bank of England get their own versions.

          But then office workers across the UK may be banging on their line managers’ doors demanding an edible elevator – its all a question of taste.

          In the majority of cases, employees may have to settle for a packet of biscuits to go with the afternoon cuppa- a more established way of picking up spirits after a long day in the office.

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