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        London is an ideal location for business headquarters

        London is an ideal location for business headquarters

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          There are so many reasons why London office space is ideal, according to the British Council for Offices.

          Apart from New York there is nowhere else in the world which comes close in terms of being certain to have international companies and the big players on the doorstep.

          As well as that the capital is well connected in a variety of other more physical ways with world class airports, rail links and good road infrastructure making travel to just about anywhere relatively straight forward.

          Richard Kauntze, chief executive of the British Council for Offices, said: “It has a wonderfully talented pool of labour – there is a hugely talented and diverse work force that employers can draw on, which is obviously fundamental for any business.”

          London also has a great deal to do in terms of culture, restaurants and parks, making it an enjoyable and interesting place to be, all adding up to a heady mix of work and pleasure.

          David Cameron has recently launched a 2012 London business campaign, hoping to capitalise on the presence of international business leaders in the city for the Olympic Games.

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